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We can Knuckle up, Any time, Any place

It's no wonder that with newer technology, people in general are becoming lazier, breeding newer ways to be lazy in turn making people even worse. I'm guilty. Jumping on google looking for a quick answer, or finding a product to have delivered tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, I frequent local shops as much as I can, but quite often I find myself dropping an order on amazon, or some other .com website to get 1 specific item to speed up the process. Now you may not think that means much, but convenience begets laziness in some ways. "If I can order it from my couch, why get ready and go get it. If I don't get up and get ready to go get it, why get up and get ready at all." I personally have never been that bad, but it seems like that is the way this world is going. Less and less people are willing to strap em on, and go to work.

Why would you scrub underneath or the back of your toilet, when the top is all people see? Staphylococcus... thats why. You can't expect to clean 50% of something that contains germs and bacteria and not have them move from that other half around to your freshly "cleaned" section. Someone has capitalized on that with new technology that charges a spray and allows it to cling to 99.9% of the surface area of any object or space. Now if you thoroughly clean, then use the sprayer I wholeheartedly support you in your quest for germ and bacteria destruction. If you are only spraying, or cleaning half then your right back in the lazy category. Maybe not completely, but it definitely says something that you may want to evaluate. I wrote a blog about getting it done before, and if you find yourself in this category maybe you should check it out.

Not everyone is lazy, and not all people who are lazy in some categories are completely lazy but the way things were done 200 years ago, vs 100, 50, or even 25 years ago is almost completely different than what we do today in the sense that people like handouts and stuff to be done, or fix, or clean themselves. Way back when discipline was tough, and if you had a problem you handled your business. "User Friendly" is a term that has burdened younger generations with the lack of motivation. Not that its bad to be user friendly, but it makes you reliant on free information. Some assembly required is less and less now a days, dilution rates aren't remembered they're printed. Don't eat Tide pods. SERIOUSLY. Life sucks, wear a helmet. Clean your bathroom, do your laundry, wipe your butt. It is unfortunate the term "Man-Up" offends so many people, its not an insult saying women can't do what men can do, it's a colloquial term meaning, be strong, thicken your skin, tighten your boot straps and by all means...

Knuckle Up.

I'll leave you with this. If your Soft, your Soft. If your Tough, your Tough. Only you can be what you want to be. So decide. Mommy ain't your made, clean up your mess, and maybe we can leave this world a little better than we came into it.

"Thanks for Comin out"

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