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Blue on Black

How much time do you have?

Some, some more, A LOT?

I think we all know the answer. As things slowly start to open back up here in Maine, don't go rushing out to do everything in one day. Especially since I know you didn't take any of my advice over the past few months and get those chores done. Too much Netflix'ing or Hulu'ing, and hot dog what about that Disney+. Pace yourself, get some fresh air, but get some things done. If the lockdown had you depressed, doing everything at once will put you right back to where you started.

I didn't stop working, thankfully I was allowed to stay open for business and keep my people working who were willing. The workload of a home never changes, Laundry, Food, Cleaning, Animals (if you have them). With all the down time you can make a list, a reason to get up early, or stay up late. Make it plain or fancy, colorful or drab. Whatever works for you. You need motivation, you need guidelines, basically you need a Standard Operating Procedure for your time at home. Always fluid, but gives you a point of reference.

Don't get sucked into these riots either. Regardless of what they're trying to stand for, every person who does more than peacefully protest, is doing something illegal. No If's, And's, or But's, about it. I'm all for peaceful demonstration, your voice needs to be heard, and the points need to be made, but the looters and rioters are only hurting the innocents, and in turn themselves. Flip a police cruiser, the dept. has to buy a new one, dept. money comes from appropriations from taxes. Not enough money, taxes go up. Loot a small business who can't afford to replace anything, and the insurance takes too long to refit the loss. Business Closes, what did that person do? Nothing. Now that business owner has to go work somewhere else, not afford his lifestyle, or things for his kids. God forbid you get arrested, blame the establishment because you threw a rock through someone's window, then assaulted an officer who was trying to arrest you for vandalism.

The title is based off the song by Five Finger Death Punch. Nothing to do with the current situation in America. Just wanted to clear that up.

We all need to take a breathe, and be Americans. We became free off principles of not being taxed without representatives, and not having a King on a land he did not live in or understand. Now 244 years later, we freely elect the people who are over taxing us, and a majority of folks are completely fine with it.

So why don't we just get back to the basics of life. Clean your toilets, scrub your showers, water your plants, wash your butt, and we can all get on getting on.

Freedom is never more than a Generation away from Extinction.

No one favors the warrior class until the enemy is at the Gates. Foreign, or Domestic.

Sorry if that was a little "ranty" but, it is what it is.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive

and as always

"Thanks for Comin' Out"

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