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It's Been a While... Thank You Aaron Lewis.

Quite possible one of my favorite artists ever. He was phenomenal when he was with Staind, and has only improved since going on a solo career. His "debut" to fame was with Fred Durst singing acoustic on stage in the very early 2000's. Staind had very little traction before the album Dysfunction. However the following 12 years after that release were successful for them. He is by-far one of my favorite artists.

Still in "quarantine" or mandated to stay at home? I bet you thought I was crazy telling you to knock out some of the not so common cleaning tasks early on. To get up and get it done, Drop the Hammer, or any other of my famed 1-liners to try and help motivate you. You've got to keep going, and drive on. This can be one of the most difficult times for people, and you may never know it, because we never see each-other anymore. Accomplishing tasks can make you feel a rush of dopamine similar to what gamers feel when reaching a new level, or increasing some rating in a video game. Nothing huge, but keeps you going. Get 1 thing done, and you'll feel better, get 10 things done, and feel accomplished. Imagine if you started week 1 of this whole thing. How many things could you have accomplished?

Same goes in the other direction. Put off 1 thing, and the next 9 won't seem so tough to do the same. Not everyone was blessed with a sunny disposition. Very recently I was informed of yet another person I knew and served with lost a battle to his demons and took his own life, just a day before I had to let my dog go, after losing a short, and tough battle with cancer. You have to find the strength to endure. These days, it's not always easy. Social Isolation is a terrible thing for some folks, but maybe not as bad for others. Judging someone's ability to "soldier up" or power forward is nearly impossible because you never know what's going on... inside.

So, keep your chin up, keep your socks dry, and never forget to ask for help. Someone is always there if you need them, you just have to want to.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive

and as always

"Thanks for comin out"

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