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Have you ever noticed.....

It's a "Once in a Lifetime" situation going on right now. Which potentially could happen more than once in our lifetime. It's crazy to think about but it is true. I've always wondered if I would live through a global pandemic, zombie apocalypse, or something of the sort. Luckily most folks have kept a calm head and mostly just stayed home without the urge to bite someone. Which is a benefit to the point of a general calm is going on. Restlessness, but calm. Hopefully they're using that time to clean something. Those of us still workings, and keeping the economy running for what it is, may still be utilizing our regularly scheduled... cleaning schedule. There is nothing wrong with that, life is busy for some, boring for others. Keep doing what you're doing.

We here at Millsy's Cleaning, have not shut our doors for even a day. Trash Removal, Disinfecting, Cleaning in general. All things we do 7 days a week, are still happening as scheduled, though some have adjusted they're nightly routines to incorporate more disinfecting, than anything else, it doesn't change that our staff's tireless efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy have not gone unnoticed. Everyone talks about Medical Staff, and First responders who are still working as normal. We can't thank them enough for doing what they do, but don't forget the cleaning person, whose hands are dry and cracked, eyes burn regularly, and are still powering through the regular work, with the addition of things that can kill this virus that is extremely exaggerated, and causing essentially a calm panic.

Life goes on, living in fear of something you may never come in contact with, may be a safe bet to make. However it's not always the best choice, to accustom yourself to living in fear. Live in confidence, but be practical. Strive for more, but stay in your means doing it. People keep saying we're all in this together, which isn't wrong. We're all under the same mandates of "shelter in place" but this has affected so many people, in so many different ways. Remember that if you have it rough, someone else has it rougher, and be thankful for what is still going on ok in your life. You have to remember that we will bounce back, we always do. If we don't, then it won't matter anyway.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive

and as always

"thanks for comin' out"

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