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Warriors Call... to clean

Have you ever felt like cleaning is just a battle you can't win? Dirt may win the battle, but never stop fighting. I vacuum 3 to 4 times a week, and still never seem to get it all, but with 4 kids and 5 dogs that's to be expected. It can be overwhelming to think of all the things you need to do, and I bet that's not even half of what actually should be getting done. You sweep, but should you vacuum? You vacuum, but should you mop? You wipe, but is it cleaning? You clean, but is it disinfected? Behind the refrigerator, under the dryer, back of the toilet...

How thorough are being really?

Now that I've discouraged you, let's talk about finding the creativity and motivation to get it done. This isn't a downer, this is a Call to Arms so to speak. The first ever powered vacuum was invented in 1901 by Hubert Cecil Booth, and David T. Kenney. They knew then that to make things go more efficiently and smoother, something more than a broom needed to exist. Well they succeeded, and 119 years later we have hundreds upon hundreds of different versions that do 100 different things. But why? With the ever-changing world we live in, everything going faster, lives being more busy, cleanliness standards changing. They knew it would be a necessity.

Vacuuming has become the cornerstone of cleaning, we use vacuums for everything. Floors, Furniture, Blinds, Ceiling Fans, Dirt Piles, Pet Hair, the list goes on. Don't get wrapped around vacuuming only though, the list of things to do is unreal. I won't tell you what you have to do, but I left a fairly informative list in a previous blog. You should check it out.

Let's Get to the Point.

People have been cleaning for hundreds if not thousands of years. Not how we do it now, but in some fashion. Much like eating, breathing or sleeping. It's one of life's necessities. Doesn't matter if you pay someone to do it for you, you do it, or other. It's still needs completed. There are many people who don't clean, and unfortunately they make TV shows about them to entertain the someone regular folks. Because it gets disgusting. Have you ever wondered why animals and bugs are attracted to filth? It reminds them of the wilderness. Stuff to eat, places to make nests. Gross.

So clean it up.

Get To It. Or live with the bugs, doesn't' matter to me it's your house.

Stay Safe, Stay Alive

and as always,

"Thanks for comin out"

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1 comentário

15 de mai. de 2021

Cleaning is definitely a war but hiring professionals for cleaning can help you in getting the results in your favor. They can do mold detection, germs removal and keeps your home clean healthy for living.

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