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Tips, Tricks and.... Who knew?

Have you ever walked into a family member or friends house and been baffled at how they keep certain things clean, or get a certain level of clean on items most people don't even think about? Myself for example, in my house there are 2 Adults, 4 Kids and 5 Dogs. With full time jobs its difficult to stay on top of EVERYTHING even with everyone pitching in. We employ a cleaner twice a week but come Sundays, it still needs a good going through.

I've found a few tricks of the trade, and since we do not do residential cleaning I've decided to focus this blog to the residential side, to assist everyone.

Pet Hair, YUCK! If you have a pet that sheds, then you know what I'm talking about. It is everywhere. A damp rubber glove, or a clean rubber flip flop will help you remove stubborn pet hairs from your furnishings. CRAZY!

Pesky windows or mirrors that harbor streaks, or just never come clean? Try a coffee filter, relatively inexpensive and are just abrasive enough to remove those lingering marks.

Don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on CLR or Stainless cleaner? Then buy it from us, OR simple vinegar assists with line scare, and baby oil has been used to polish Stainless steel for many years.

Tired of scrubbing your trash bin every other day, but the odor won't go, and we all know Febreeze is for fabrics..... Drop a dryer sheet or 2 in the bottom. Will help out tremendously.

Slow or clogged drain? Take it back to science class! Volcano Style, 1 part Baking soda, 1 part vinegar and watch the magic happen!

Rust on patio furniter? Say no more. Squirt a little ketchup on there, and wipe it clean. Has also been known to clean up copper cook wear. THEN enjoy the last days of summer, with a hotdog!

Trouble with toilet stains? Bowl Cleaner too expensive? Can of coke will do the trick.

Greasy fingerprints on your wall? Nothing works? Grab a slice of white bread and give it a wipe.

Hopefully some of these Tips, Tricks or crazy ideas will help you keep your home in tip top shape.

In the words of the great comedian Bob Marley:

"Thanks for Comin Out!"

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