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Its ALWAYS darkest before the Dawn.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

There's an old adage that reads "It's always darkest before the dawn" which is a commonly used colloquial for things will be hardest before the get better, or will get worse before they get better pending on situational application. Maybe its just about cleaning? I mean, is it easier to clean at night with only artificial lights, or during the day when you have sunlight assisting as well.

Now I will agree it depends on the situation. Center mass of an office building, with limited windows? Probably won't matter that much. Smaller office settings, homes, Etc? more efficient to do it during the day time with sunnier weather.

Something I learned in my years of military experience of early morning formations, and this is science folks, is that it will also cool slight just as the sun comes up. Why, you ask?

Once the sun comes up, the sunlight excites the cold air in the first foot or so above the ground (which can be 10 or more degrees colder), which causes it to move around and mix into the next several feet of air. That “mixing upward” drops the temperature of the air at thermometer level. So while your lower half may be covered and not notice the cooler air lower, once it mixes and rises to exposed skin, you feel it. CRAZY right?

Did you also know that too little exposure to sunlight can have a negative affect on your emotional state? Don't believe me? Go live in Central or Northern Alaska for a winter then we can chat it up.

Now, whats the point. Where did all of this come from. I'm glad you asked.

Things like, Sunlight, Temperature and Life Events affect our emotions for good and bad. However daily tasks never seem to stop coming. Dog hair is always abundant, trash never stops accumulating, dishes always need cleaning, and O...M...G... the Laundry. Be sure to know how to concur your emotional state before you concur your tasks. Picking which time of day, or when the temperatures right. Cleaning with windows open helps swap out air giving that refreshed feeling of the entire space. Can't do that when its -30 out now can we.... or can we? Be sure to keep your tasks simple, and scheduled. Even one load of laundry in a bad mood can make you hate it forever, who knows, maybe its too late.

Lint Rollers clean Screens...... GET OUTTA HERE!

I'll leave you with that. As always,

"Thanks for comin out"

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