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Its all about the Pentiums.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Maybe Weird Al Yancovic had it right. Though he snaked the song from then called Puff Daddy, and adjusted the lyrics. You can't help but wonder if maybe he saw it coming. Everyone knows that Matt Groening from the Simpsons has been pretty hot on futuristic predictions. If you didn't, google it. It is unreal.

This day and age we find ourselves more and more face hugged to a computer, tablet, or cellphone. Right this very instant as I am typing. Or shortly after as you are reading. You lose that sense of human interaction when you can just drop a Like, Share or comment of Facespace, instatwizzle, or one of the hundred other social media garbage heaps going on right now. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but it loses something. Online shopping. Online shopping has crippled local retail in the sense that, if you don't have a Niche product(s) then you probably won't get much newer generation traffic who can have it overnight from Amazonions, or e-harbor. Usually a little cheaper as well. So what do you do? Find the impossible one-off that nobody has but you? Cut your bottom line and eat Ramen until customers make the swap?

Moving to online sales seems to be a big move in the Commercial, and Consumer industries currently. Even we as a commercial retailer order product through a few web portals with minimum human interaction. So how does someone likes us, that does 35% of their overall business in sales, cope with Sam's, Target, Wall-Mart, and such. Buying Power helps. We can almost always get larger quantities for equal price. Not guaranteed, but most people notice end price, but what you don't notice is 12 cans instead of 8, or 20 duster refills instead of 12. That can always be helpful. Not having to pay for a Sams membership for bulk items is also a benefit. But what if you could order from Millsy's Janitorial Supply, ONLINE, Shipped to your home. With a Millsy's Representative to help you with issues, competitive pricing, item location, and never have to put that electronic face-hugger down.

That's correct. Soon, Millsy's Cleaning Serices, Inc. & Millsy's Janitorial Supply is launching our very own online sales shopping cart for our valued current, past, and future customers. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is doing quite well at a $100 million net worth, but I like to pay my staff more than just scrapping nickles. Help me, help you, help them. Buy Local, online.

As Always

"Thanks for Comin' Out"

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