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It's Time to Let Fly.

I haven't posted in a while, so what better time than the present. I'm sure many folks are at home suffering through the remain at home mandation from the government. Don't let that get you down. It is the perfect time to catch up on some of that cleaning you've put off, those projects you've set aside for a good time. You can only stream so much "The Walking Dead" before you start to wonder.... "Is this really happening?"

Isolation is a fast trigger to depression. Worse of all, being socially isolated it is an easy jump to finding a heightened level of anxiety once you finally get back out into the world when we've moved past this whole "situation." Don't let it get you down. Life will kick you in the teeth enough. Kick it Back right now. Show it who's boss. Go pull your fridge out and, once your done vomiting from what you find, clean that crap up. Remember that cupboard of random appliances you used twice and stuffed down back there. Pull them all out, vacuum the crumbs, wipe it up, disinfect. Do what you gotta do, to get ahead. Go build a bunker, fill it with TP, and Lysol wipes. Stay... Busy...

I've been spending some time working on my personal obsession with the 2nd Amendment, because The Walking Dead, could be a thing. If more people realized that, instead of being scared of it, we would be better prepared to deal with it, than be victims of it. Zombies, I mean.

I despise Zombies.

Which is what you're becoming, sitting at home doing nothing. "Get busy living, or get busy dying." So which is it? That couch is going to be worn out in a couple weeks, but the dirt and grime will still be there, or you can get ahead, clean, organize, prepare for the next whatever is going to happen. This isn't a declaration for preparation, but just a friendly reminder....

Sheep get bitten,

Sheep Dogs save lives,

Wash your stuff.

and as always

"Thanks for comin' out"

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