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It's been a while.....

Opening Comment

It has been some time since a blog has come from us here at Millsy's and I'm adjusting the format a touch. It has been a heck of a holiday/ winter season. Reorganizing of employees, new equipment, new contracts. What a wild ride it has been these past 2 months. The largest change to announce is, We have officially launched Online Sales. Very easy to use, and allows you to get better deals, and delivered products strait to your home. Also helps a local business, instead of a massive conglomerate.

Thoughts for the Week

This year..... commercial lots have seemed to have changed what they're using to melt ice in parking lots. Instead of your typical Salt, which we had a method to deal with, they changed to this calcium composite type stuff. It works well outside, but is a nightmare inside. Our standard methods of cleaning haven't been successful so we've had to stretch outside the box. The funny part of it all. Instead of taking something out of the future, we dipped into the past. Peroxide. We've all heard tales of "old french ladies" cleaning with peroxide, or ammonia on their hands and knees. Scraping with their fingers. You always feel with new products, equipment and technology that you don't have to work as hard. End of it all we aren't on our hands and knees, but sometimes you have to look backwards, to think about what was done to make it work when they didn't have the leaps of technology now a days.

Final Thoughts

Many times I have found myself personally getting advice on cleaning things from my folks, or grandparents through a story, of some outlandish situation that happened. By golly it worked, or was a phenomenal idea. So sometimes, take a pause for the cause, not every stain comes out with soap and water, not every smell needs Febreeze. Never stop looking forward, but once in a while, look back, assess, and always have a plan. Chemicals don't mix, life is tough, and in the immortal words of Captain Peter Quincy Taggart: " Never Give Up, Never Surrender"

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