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How-To for a DIY'er

What do you want to learn from us? How can we assist you make cleaning in your home or office more efficient, and easy?

The average person tends to keep their home or space neat or clean within reason, but often times misses the mark on correct cleaning products, or how often to clean specific items. Did you know that a bathtub should be cleaned every week to ensure eradication of germs and bacteria, however a refrigerator is only recommended once a month? Now that's not to say you should harbor that white fuzzy stuff on the chicken from 3 weeks ago for another week but I'm not sure I can wait a month to get it cleaned.

Though we may not do residential cleaning ourselves, we have a lot of knowledge in the area, and are always open to share.

Here's an at home list for recommended frequency from within the industry.

Microwave : Every Week

Bed Linens : 1-2 Weeks

Bathtub : Every Week

Refrigerator : Every Month

Computer : Every Week

Pillows : Every 3 Months

Mattress : Every 2 Months

Carpets : Every 6 to 12 Months Professionally (this is quite common in a lot of our customers)

Towels : After 3 Uses

Counter Tops : Every Day

Never be afraid to do more, but you shouldn't skimp and do less, this could leave to health concerns in certain months.

"We Hate Dirt as Much as You Do!"

Thanks for comin' out!


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