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Drop the Hammer.....

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Now that I have your attention.

How often have you just half ass'd it just to get through it. Why bother? I don't expect everyone to give 110% effort, 100% of the time. It's just not realistic, but 80%, 85% is completely doable. 95% or better should be your goal. Why rock 50%. Would you order an expensive steak and lobster dinner, and leave the lobster on the plate? Doubt it. Would you do 35 mph on the freeway? Not likely, its also against the law in a lot of places to go that far under.

So here's where I'm going with this. If laws, regulations, and common sense dictate that you need to do better than half in a most areas. Why do it in any areas.

Find the motivation, Fake the motivation, nothing is standing in your way but you. Going to clean the oven, scrub the crap out of it like it owes you money. Fridge needs to be emptied? Chuck that crap like your Shaq or Kobe. Finding it inside you is what makes things happen, its far to easy to sit on your 4th point of contact with chips and a soda and not do anything productive with your life, but that's not living.

If your home is clean, maybe your yard will be clean, if your yard is clean, maybe your car will be clean, if your car is clean, take a trip and get it dirty. Go on an adventure that gives you a reason to clean it again. Now maybe I have a bias to cleaning things, due to the nature of the business, but we don't cover our couches in plastic anymore. You're allowed to wear shoes on carpets, and play in the dirt. Put down the remote and get dirty. Clean it off, clean it up, and do it again. I've never been afraid to go shoulder deep into a motor, or clean a duck after a hunt. I've cleaned my own septic issues, and more dog accidents than I want to count. I didn't throw up, or die from it. I'm still standing.

You can't be scared of dirt. You can hate it like we do, but don't fear it.

The abnormal fear of dirt and filth include molysmophobia or molysomophobia, rhypophobia, and rupophobia. Nobody likes a scaredy cat.

So Drop the Hammer, Give it 110%, Clean, Adventure, Play, and do it ALL over again. If your living environment is clean, then the state of your emotions will be in a lot higher standing.

As always,

"Thanks for comin' out"

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