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Team Work, it makes the.......

The old saying teamwork makes the dream work didn't get to be a saying for nothing. In fact

teams are needed in every aspect of our society. From the White House to municipal offices, massive corporations like Amazon, to tiny mom and pop shops on the corner. Without teamwork our houses wouldn't be built, we surely wouldn't have made it to the moon, or developed groundbreaking medical advances. Take a look around you and you will begin to see the well oiled machines that work around us everyday. There is really nothing that doesn't take teamwork to accomplish.

Teamwork is an important tool to survival. Humanity would be lost without it. We think a lot of the time that we don't need help with our daily functions such as work,raising kids or just

emotional support. That couldn't be further from the truth. Rome surely wasn't built in a day nor by one person. What's that old takes a village to raise a child? This applies to our everyday life as well as running a cleaning company or just one crew. From the doctors who we choose to birth our children to the people we surround ourselves with, trust is always in play. We need to know we can rely on them whatever the job may be, and that they can rely on us. Work ethic goes a long way but so does kindness. Treating our team members with respect always makes for a stronger team.

Teamwork is a vital part to cleaning a building with 300+ employees in it at any given time. At Millsy's Cleaning we clean multiple buildings like that, and it is important we work well as a team to get the job done efficiently but still with the detail cleaning that makes us stand out! Everyone has a job and everyone needs to trust that job is done well. No job is more important or less important, they are all vital to accomplishing the team project.

Communication, positive attitude and respect for each other are what builds a strong team. We need to be able to trust each other as well as help each other out when one is not at 100%. We are only as strong as our weakest link and sometimes we need to lift team members up emotionally or pitch in an extra hand to get the job done. We are all on this rock floating in space together. Respect, communication, kindness and trust go along way with cleaning a building, living your life, running a business, or leading the Country.

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