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Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning has always been a point of Contention for us here at Millsy's Cleaning. Do we get into the market, how do we do it, bids, personnel, levels of clean, expectations. We've even dabbled a few times at it. However. It is not something we have ever wanted to dig into. So in lieu of that, we have recommended a few local companies that have been our go-to names on hand. With the recent push of people trying to get everything done that was not done last year due to Covid-19, we have been looking at best methods to move forward.

No, we are not getting into this game specifically.

What we have done, is aligned our company with a newer startup run by a young lady who is a spitfire of productivity. Fast, efficient, effective, and has some of the best rates you could find in the area. LB Cleaning Services, Owned and Operated by Lyndsi Brown, is one of the shining stars in the dark night sky of the cleaning industry. This young lady has made one heck of a name and reputation for herself here in the Kennebec County area, and reaches as far out as Rockland, Northport, Owls Head if the work is needed.

We can't say enough good things, and if you need a Cleaning Hero to save the day in this mixed up world of confusion and calamity. Call her today. She is without a doubt, the most effective cleaner we have seen over the years, and can't recommend her enough. To the point where a page was added to our site just to speak a bit about her.

LB Cleaning Services is extremely busy right now, so call and leave a message to get a look and an estimate. The sooner, the better, as her schedule is slam packed already, get in while there is still time. This young lady and her work ethic have no limits to the productivity. The only thing holding her back, is time. There is only so much time in the day. So call NOW!

You will NOT be disappointed. (207) 274-0233

Stay Safe, Stay Clean

and as always

"Thanks for comin' out"

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