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Proud, Not Cocky...

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I want to talk about pride for a minute.

What is pride to you?

Do you take pride in yourself?

Your life?

How about work?

Your family?

Your home?

Paying your bills?

I find when I do these things it fills me with warmth and accomplishment and no accomplishment is too big or top small. It feels good to know your doing your very best, even if that is something as simple as getting the dishes done, sweeping the floor, or folding laundry. I thrive as a person when I know I am trying my best at whatever I'm doing. The feeling of accomplishment paired with the pride in my task feels like a suit of armor and a comforting blanket at the same time. I feel strength from it as well as the warmth from the feelings when I look at the task and pat myself on the back.

For those of us who like to clean and those of us who don't, I imagine it’s the same relaxed

feeling when you are done. I love to make things feel relaxed and comfortable for myself as well as my loved ones. So for me, I'm most relaxed in my home after I have cleaned it. Not only do I think it's good for mental health, I think it's important to take pride in the smallest things like cleaning a toilet, shining up a kitchen, mopping the floor. It may seem small to some but i find purpose in it and i try to clean everything with pride which in turn is also good for my mental health. So I guess I'm saying it's worth it, make it a ritual and soak up all the good feelings when your done. It's the small things in life that sometimes make all the difference. So be the change, make a difference for yourself, or anyone. Keep it clean.


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