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I love the smell of bleach during a pandemic

The last few weeks have been scary to say the least. Fear, panic and uncertainty. False or exaggerated information being portrayed, which makes it hard to decipher what we can actually count on. We will be ok. Things will get worse before they get better, they always do, but, they will get better. That we can count on. At this point pulling together in work and home are imperative. I figured this week I would talk about some things I'm doing to keep safe at home as well as at work. Commercial cleaners are the unsung heroes in this pandemic and like all the other essential workers we need to be there for eachother as well as take extreme measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our job is extremely important during these times but we need to put those safety measures in place for our customers, our coworkers, ourselves, and most importantly.... our families.

I have been using bleach on everything at my big building that I do nightly. I may be even a little neurotic at times. Gloves have been big with me lately. I thoroughly wash my hands for 20 seconds and dry them before putting the gloves on. I wear them in every bathroom and spray bleach on them after everything I do in those rooms. I spray them with bleach after scrubbing the bowl...I spray them with bleach after wiping the toilet and I spray them with bleach after doing sinks, mirrors and high contact points. I have also been using bleach on my bare hands in between handwashing...which may be a bit much but im really trying to keep as sanitary as i can. I'm not saying spray it directly on your hands, that is just an extreme measure I have been taking to comfort myself. I have also been spraying my shoes before leaving to go to another building. High contact points are also big. The cleaner and safer we keep a building the better it is for us as well as our customers. High contact points like door handles, bathroom stall handles, soap dispensers i bleach every night and I let the bleach sit on everything for a little longer than I normally would before wiping. These steps can really make all the difference since the virus can live exceptionally longer on metal and plastic surfaces, like days. Disinfecting these surfaces nightly is so very important to us all. I have also been disinfecting my phone and high contact points in my car between buildings. The more I do the more i notice these high contact points, the more i get a smooth routine in place for them all.

Now, why bleach you ask? It's my poison of choice at the moment. It doesn't even have to be bleach...any high disinfectant will work but our minds rely on smell for many things. Scary smells to alert us of danger, good smells of food brings us joy and comforting smells that make us feel safe. To me during times like we are facing now I feel like bleach brings comfort to most. We trust bleach. We may not always love the smell but when we are in a war on germs it is definitely a go to chemical and gives us peace of mind. Generations have been using bleach, in fact America has been using bleach since 1913 for disinfecting and water treatment. To this day, people use it to clean their wells if they come across a high count of anything bad to consume. So it just gives a sense of security.

When your kid is home sick and you have bleached everything it just gives you that comfort of knowing you are killing germs. I joke about making candles that smell like it to calm people down but in all honesty I think it's doing just what I want it to. Those state workers know I'm bleaching everything and they appreciate it. They know it works and because of its distinctive smell it brings them peace of mind as well as myself which in turn makes for less panic amongst them as well as my crew.

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