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Everything has a place, figure it out

It doesn't matter what it is.






Some belong here, some belong there, some belong in the trash.

If you don't know where they belong, then maybe you should take a little time and figure it out. Yes I know what I said, but hear me out.

You don't park your car in your living room, just like you probably shouldn't store your food in the wood shed. I've been known to keep tools in many places, but that's not right, they have a place. Organization matter, personally and professionally, and if you can sort your sh*t out then you will never find a level of peace in your life. Cleaning is one thing, but once your done "cleaning" is that junk drawer overflowing, and those closet doors busting at the seems? Can it be clean without organization? Walking through your home, or office is it a maze, or a direct line from A to B?

Marie Kondo has the premier method for organization going on which covers everything having a place, a method, and a way to be put away. Not a list, not a photo of it, but there is a methodology making it work. Look up Organizations by Olivia on Facebook, she discusses a lot of the Marie Kondo method with pictures and motivations. Check it out, like and follow worth a watch.

Back to my list, if it doesn't get used, toss it. If it doesn't have a place, you don't need it. If it causes you stress, strain, or grief. Toss it. Yes. I mean people too. Now you literally can't throw people in the trash (unless you are in that line of work), then remove them from your life. Too easy. Bye Felicia.

I've said it before, life sucks, get a helmet. People manipulate, lie, cheat, steal. You don't need that. Cut em loose. Junk clogs your "pores" chuck it! And for god sakes, wash your sh*t.

"Thanks for comin out"

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